We Need You!

Biodiverse, resource-rich Living Shorelines need to be protected. Brevard Zoo’s Restore Our Shores is committed to providing the steps needed for stabilizing our environment.

Help our programs by signing up at a link below, by filling out an application to bring a group to volunteer, or by signing up to be a Zoo volunteer to receive regular volunteer opportunities.

How You Can Help

Oyster Gardening

Are you a Brevard County resident with a dock along the Indian River Lagoon? Sign-up to be an OYSTER GARDENER and help Brevard Zoo’s Restore Our Shores program bring back Brevard’s oyster population!


Please join us for some oyster sorting for placement on an oyster reef!


Please join us for some oyster sorting for placement on an oyster reef!

stack of oyster gabion pieces

Please join us cut metal that we use to make gabions for our upcoming oyster reef season!

gabion with oysters inside ready for action, a persons hand rests lovingly upon the top admiring a job well done

Come help us fill metal gabions with oyster shell that we will use in our upcoming oyster reefs!

Oyster Mats, Gardening and Adopt-A-Mangrove

Connect with Restore Our Shores as We Actively Work to Fix the Lagoon's Ecosystem

Get involved with conservation efforts by fostering a mangrove seedling, shell bagging or even helping build reefs. You can be involved for a single day opportunity or a longer commitment. Click on the  WHAT’S NEW tab to see the next date that we can use your help!

Be Aware of How Even Our Daily Actions Can Impact the Environment

Always properly dispose of solid waste, sewage, and fuel. Please avoid fertilizer in the summer months. Though the mangroves act as a filter, they are in no way able to stop the amount of fertilizer permeating our waters. In recent years, the abundance of nitrogen from fertilizer has fed enormous algae blooms, blocking sunlight and depriving fish and plants of the oxygen they need to survive. This has led to some of the largest fish kills in Florida’s history.

Learn All You Can About Us, Then Help Us Spread the Word with Your Voice

Our restoration programs aim to increase environmental awareness and restore Living Shorelines in Brevard. After greater education on good habits to restore our shores, take the next step and spread the information. One person can make a tremendous impact on the environment.

Pay attention to what our lawmakers are proposing for our ecosystem. Local policies can affect land use, septic tanks, fertilizer use and dredging. Listen to the advice of respected experts and take steps to safeguard our environment for future generations

fish kill and algae bloom