Restore Our Shores

WHAT HAPPENED? Green Conservation Man icon ONE VOLUNTEER CAN DO SO MUCH! See what you can do to help the Lagoon… CLICK TO SEE THE POWER OF ONE OYSTER Oyster OYSTER RESTORATION These filter-feeding Olympians provide invaluable support to cleaning and maintaining the natural chemistry of our waters. Once plentiful in our Lagoon, oyster populations have significantly dwindled. Together with The Nature Conservancy and the University of Central Florida through the Oyster Mat program, we repopulated 78 oyster reefs in northern parts of the Lagoon. We will continue to restore more over the next few years. Oyster CLICK TO SEE THE POWER OF ONE
Mangrove Plant
MANGROVE RESTORATION Mangroves provide approximately 50% of Florida's oxygen and are a staple to our ecosystem. Mangroves serve as a habitat and are a nursery for many important estuarine creatures. Our area is largely populated by red (Rhizophora mangle) and black (Avicennia germinans) mangroves making them a natural element in developing living shorelines. Mangrove Plant UNIVERSITIES universities icon CORPORATE corporate icon GOVERNMENT government icon NGO non-government organization icon OUR TEAM our team icon WORKING TOGETHER THOUSANDS OF SUPPORTERS ALREADY. BE ONE OF THEM!
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