Oyster Bagging

Roll your sleeves up and get ready to bag some oyster shells. Shell bagging prepares us for our reef building operations. You’ll get both a great work out and contribute to the next generation of oyster reefs!


Oyster Mat making

Oysters filter water and are necessary to the health of the Lagoon. Come to our monthly workshops to discover more about their importance and build an oyster mat, which will be deployed in the Lagoon and serve as a home to settling oyster larvae.


Mangrove Re-Planting

Mangroves provide a safe home for native plants, animals and birds. Join us at the Zoo to learn more about mangroves and take home a seedling to foster and later plant at a restoration site. The event includes a tour of our aquarium and touch tank!

Oyster Reef Building


The Restore Our Shores team has continued making significant progress with its reef building efforts. Throughout the spring, the team constructed reefs in Port St. John and multiple areas in Indiatlantic,  totaling over 850 linear feet. Future builds are awaiting permits and will likely to continue in mid to late August.

Shelly R. Baggins

JANUARY 13, 2017

Press Event/Shell Bagging Machine. Today we officially unveiled our new shell bagging machine. The machine will significantly increase the shell bagging rate which will in turn bolster our reef building process.

NOVEMBER 08, 2017

Brevard residents spoke up, passing the ½-cent Save Our Lagoon Sales Tax referendum. The sales tax will generate more than $300 million over 10 years that will fund a series of projects including muck removal, reducing fertilizer and storm water runoff and oyster reef restoration.

Oyster Gardening

OCTOBER 09, 2017

Our Oyster Gardener parents received their new bundles of oyster spat. These baby oysters will be raised by our gardeners for six to nine months before joining our reef restoration efforts.